PPC Advertising

I know it sounds pretty self explanatory, but pay per click advertising is a campaign type, usually run with a search engine like Google or Bing.

Once the campaign is set, the adverts are created and the demographic is targeted, the platform (search engine) will serve the adverts to an audience and depending on the campaign settings, you are charged an amount each time a user / potential customer clicks on your advert.

PPC advertising has come a long way since I started 10 years ago, now it’s much more difficult to get your advert / content ‘above the fold’, what with Google Maps, Google Business, Google Shopping all taking up valuable space.

Pay Per Click Text Ads

Traditionally, PPC campaigns are a series of text adverts that describe your product or service well, with enough marketing flair to attract potential customers to choose you over dozens of competitors.

I take care of PPC campaigns from start to finish: help choose the keywords, structure the campaign with ad groups, write each text ad, set up the rich text snippets, target the correct audience and set the budgets.

Pay Per Click Shopping Ads

Google and Bing have introduced Shopping campaigns. Now, with a little Excel wizardry (or a web shop that supports it), we can take your product information and upload it directly to Google / Bing and have them put it in front of customers who are looking.

The great thing about Shopping ads is that customers are primed, they know how much the product is, what it looks like and who it’s from before they even click, so they’re much less likely to bounce from your website without making a purchase.