Application Development

Bespoke application development might be required when you need a website with advanced functionality that a simple brochure website or content management system don’t offer.

My background is primarily in PHP / MySQL web applications making use of a framework like CodeIgniter or Laravel, but more recently I’ve been looking into front end JavaScript frameworks like VueJS.

Why do I need a custom application?

To give you an idea of when custom application development comes in to play, take a look at the bespoke quotation system I created for Premier Pool Care. The system collects some basic information from potential customers, and then using that information and some math, generates and sends a branded quotation through via email.

This helps save time, keep documents and branding consistent and gives potential customers a friction free and effortless method to get a rough idea on pricing for some of their services.

One of the things I love most about custom application development is the challenge – each project is wildly different from the last, and therefore requires a completely different approach.

If you’re looking for a bespoke application for your business or organisation, let’s have a quick chat.