Freelance CodeIgniter Developer

CodeIgniter was my first introduction into the world of PHP frameworks, and it allowed me to take my ideas and translate them into working applications with relative ease.

During my time as a freelance CodeIgniter developer, the framework has allowed me not to have to ‘re-invent the wheel’ every time I start a new project – and avoid having to do a lot of the necessary, but ultimately time heavy coding work like creating database connections or writing complex SQL queries.

Using the CodeIgniter ActiveRecord syntax allowed for writing cleaner, more concise code – something every freelance developer should strive for.

I’ve got around three years experience with the CodeIgniter PHP framework and enjoy creating new projects with it – however, if you’re starting a brand new project, I’d recommend using the Laravel PHP framework in favour of it.

If you’re ready to talk about working with me on a CodeIgniter project today, get in touch and we can talk.