Freelance PHP Developer

One of the first things I worked on with PHP was a passion project that allowed me to view, track and organise my comic book collection – Comiq, as it was lovingly called – connected to a comic book API and returned data regarding specific comic book collections which meant less data entry and less human error when it came to recording my collection.

Unfortunately the API has long since shut down, and it wasn’t worth the time or effort to revive the project, but it taught me a lot and I’ll be forever grateful for that API.

Day to day, I now spend much of my time with PHP and frameworks like Laravel and CodeIgniter.

Some other projects I’ve completed with PHP include quotation systems that accept user input and then respond with a bespoke calculated quotation, or a complete customer portal that allows users to log in and view account specific information such as product pricing, previous order details and stock availability.

If you’re looking for help with a PHP project, let’s have a chat.