Digital MarketinG

Web Design

Make a great first impression.

Brochure Websites

Perfect for industries like construction, estate agents, health and fitness and tradesmen, a brochure website is a cost effective way for working professionals to get online.

Brochure websites are perfect for explaining your product or service to potential customers, and typically don’t require more than five pages; any increase on that and it’s best to start looking at a CMS based solution.

Self Managed Websites

If you need more control over the messaging you put across at any given time, a Content Management solution like WordPress will allow you to log in and change text, images and menu items with a few simple clicks.

Self Managed Websites are ideal for companies who are starting out, and planning to expand either their product offering or the locations they operate in as adding pages to the website over a period of time can be done in house.

eCommerce Websites

Essex Dev create fully functioning eCommerce solutions that sell throughout the world. Working with industry leading platforms like WooCommerce & Shopify to help your business thrive online.